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Alojz Donoval and Kamil Kubicek have been producing DOHIKU Barbless Hooks since 2006. Their friend, Igor Hribik, was the first to fish and to test the DOHIKU hooks, lending much important feedback on the quality of the hooks. Together these Slovak fly fishermen designed the hooks distinctive shape and through their shared knowledge and experience created a unique, original barbless hooks. Fly fishing is more than just fishing for these men; it is their way of life and passion. The hooks have evolved since the original design and this development continues with much enthusiasm. The DOHIKU Barbless

Hooks are guaranteed by the company DOHIKU company to be the original hook designs. Many companies what sell barbless hooks buy their hooks from catalogue and then rebranded them. That is not the DOHIKU way. DOHIKU hooks are original! What sets DOHIKU hooks apart from the rest is that they have been exclusive designed by DOHIKU experts in Slovakia, tested by top fishermen. Of course also by normal fishermen. And then they are manufactured by DOHIKU selected globally famous factories. DOHIKU hooks are made from a high carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered according to an exacting formula that makes a long life for them. Of course, they are chemically sharpened. DOHIKU are genuine customized hooks - not repacking or rebranded hooks.

In 2009 Milan Styk, a friend of the original partners, joined DOHIKU company to ensure the high quality of these unique hooks. Milan is a great fly fisherman as well as an excellent businessman and his skills have helped to promote the hooks. Now the DOHIKU Barbless Hooks are recognized throughout the world and this is due in part to the efforts of Milan Styk.

Why to order from DOHIKU ?
+ Premium quality, competetive price, prompt delivery.
+ Ability quickly to deliver large or small orders.
+ DOHIKU maintains large inventories of all its catalogue items.

+ DOHIKU can diversify your inventories faster than their competitors.

Are you still not sure for DOHIKU ?

+ Ask any DOHIKU customers about our service. We are proud of it!